Tim Plummer


As most people do, in the new year (2022) I've taken some time to reflect on my priorities for the year, and have made the decision to not be actively involved in the Joomla community this year.

Unlike many in the Joomla community, my day job does not involve any Joomla, I spend most of my time in the Microsoft ecosystem playing with SharePoint, and Joomla was only ever a hobby. While I did receive some money from my extension business, I've seen that gradually decline over the years, to the point it's now insignificant. In the spirit of Joomla I will be open sourcing all my extensions (when I get the chance) and completely shutting down Tamlyn Software.

Through my involvement in the Joomla community, I've made some amazing friendships, learnt so much, and have seen a lot of personal growth.

Cryptocurrency will be my focus in 2022, so I'm not going to have any time for Joomla, and as such I have taken down this site. I have resigned from all my duties in the Joomla Australia Committee, and as Sydney JUG leader, effective immediately. I do not plan to regularly attend any meetups or events.

So long, and thanks for all the fish!

Tim Plummer