At our April Joomla User Group Sydney meeting we took a look at some of the new features of Joomla 3.5, and also a sneak peak at what might be coming up in future Joomla versions.

Once you've build a Joomla website, do you just hand it over to the client and run for the hills? Probably not. In this presentation we take a look all those things you to do keep a website running. We'll look at tools you can use to make things easier, as well as disaster recovery planning, and other ongoing tasks. We'll also look at how you can charge a client for this ongoing work, but at the same time make the client feel they are getting value for money and not just getting shafted.

Presented at Sydney Joomla User Group on 9th Feb 2016, this presentation covers some basic SEO settings in Joomla, and a useful tool called BF SEO to help you manage it.


Joomla 3.5 beta has just been released, with the stable version due out around December 8th 2015. I thought I'd record a quick video and take a look at what some of the new features are in this version, such as the drag and drop images.

Presented at WordPress Sydney User Group, Tim Plummer talks about his experiences using Akeeba Web Framework (AWF). AWF is a web application framework for single source standalone web applications, Joomla! components and WordPress plugins.