If you have ever wanted to dabble in Joomla extension development but don't know where to start, then I have good news for you. Back in January 2013 I released a 12 part online course on Joomla component development, and now I've decided to give you FREE access to this course. Simply sign up at http://training.tamlynsoftware.com and you will gain access to the videos.

Although the videos focus mainly on Joomla 2.5, they also touch on Joomla 3 nearer the end, and most of the code is still relevant.

I hope you find this useful, and let me know how you go.

This presentation gives an overview on what is the current state of play for Joomla, and also an insight into what is coming up in the future for Joomla. It also covers why Joomla is awesome, and why it is worth a look if you are considering building a website using a content management system. This presentation was prepared as part of a Battle of the CMSs, where we had an expert from the WordPress community (Wil Brown) and the Drupal commuinty (Ryan Cross) and Tim Plummer representing the Joomla community. We each spoke to the group of PHP users also explained the differences between our CMS of choice, and where each one excels. It was a great meeting with a lot of positive things to be said about all three CMSs. I'd like to give credit to Rod Martin for many of the slides in the presentation,which were borrowed (with his permission) from his State of the Joomla Union keynote at JoomlaDay Sydney.

Over the weekend we had our JoomlaDay Sydney 2014 conference and workshops, for which I was co-ordinator again this year. It was a fantastic event where we had people from USA, PNG, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra, Newcastle and Cairns. The keynote speaker was Rod Martin, who is the vice president of Open Source Matters, the non-profit group that runs the Joomla project. I did a presentation on Extension Developer Secrets, showing people who want to get into the Joomla extension business what they need to get started and some tips to make money. I also introduced them to AWF (Akeeba Web Framework), which is a multiplatform framework for developing Joomla components, WordPress Plugins, and standalone PHP applications.


While attending WordCamp Sydney, I attended some beginner sessions on WordPress. I was surprised to see that some things that can be simply done in Joomla actually require coding to achieve these minor customisations in WordPress. In one particular example, the speaker demonstrated how to add the web developers contact details into a widget in the backend of WordPress. Here is how you can achieve the same thing in Joomla.

Extensions->module manager

company information1

Change the filter to Adminstrator

company information2

Press New button

company information3

Custom HTML

company information4

Select “Control Panel” as module position, then enter the details you want to display in the title and editor fields.

company information5

That’s it, now your company details are shown, without having to do any coding.

company information6

Yesterday at WordCamp Sydney I introduced them to AWF (Akeeba Web Framework), a new way of creating multiplatform applications that run on WordPress, Joomla and standalone PHP.