I'd like to introduce you to Jambo, the "unofficial" Joomla mascot.


Why does Joomla need a mascot?

Well WordPress has Wapuu, Drupal has Druplicon, Linux has Tux, Android has Bugdroid, Reddit has Snoo, Firefox has Firefox......but Joomla is one of the few open source projects without one.
I've heard people say Joomla is a great product, it's just not marketed well. A mascot is just another tool to spread the word about Joomla and help non geeky people find out what it's about. It's a good conversation starter.

Well why don't we have a mascot already?

Back in 2016 the Joomla! Marketing Team had a Joomla! Mascot community contest.
The official outcome was:
"Unfortunately, we didn’t do a great job getting the word out about the contest and we didn’t have enough entries to make the contest fair."

Why the name Jambo?

Jambo is the Swahili word for hello. It also ties back to the Mambo origins of Joomla.

Why is Jambo unofficial?

For now Jambo is "unofficial", which means that he is not affiliated with or endorsed by Open Source Matters or the Joomla Project.

But I didn't have a say in the mascot

Joomla is run completely by volunteers, all with very different backgrounds and opinions, so coming to a consensus on something as controversial as a mascot is always going to be hard. Decisions by committee can be slow and painful for those involved, and the outcome can be a mix of compromises which end up with a mediocure result that no-one hates, but no-one really loves either.
To avoid all that, I've just come up with this concept. Love it or hate it, as Brian Teeman says, I don't care.

I hate Jambo!

That's fine, you are entitled to your own opinion. Feel free to create your own unoffical mascot, and if your one becomes more popular then we can look at retiring Jambo. Until then, stop complaining and do something productive to help the Joomla project and/or community.

Jambo is stupid

That's fine, you don't have to use him. Feel free to come up with your own mascot, or don't use one at all.

I hate the name Jambo

Ok, please suggest a better name.

What animal is Jambo?

Jambo is based loosely on a dog, specifically a puppy. Almost every country has dogs, and they are one of the most popular pets. Puppies are cute, everyone likes puppies. I like dogs, I'm not a cat person :) If you really love cats, feel free to make a cat variation of Jambo. My son thinks Jambo looks a bit like a Koala, but I've never seen a Koala with a tail that long.

Why is Jambo blue?

When I google "Why are the Simpsons yellow" I find out because by making them a weird colour it made them stand out compared to other shows at the time. That's not the reason why Jambo is blue, because these days we see all kinds of coloured cartoon characters. Basically I just wanted to use the Joomla logo colours, and I think blue would look best for the main colour. Notice the Joomla red nose, and Joomla orange and green feet. Some say that Jambo is a blue cattle dog, others that he is a blue lacy. I don't know for sure, you'll have to speculate on your own.

Why is Jambo facing right?

In most cultures with left-to-right writing direction, left-to-right feels more natural and peaceful. Jambo is looking peacefully into the future.

Who made Jambo?

Tim Plummer came up with the concept via an initial sketch, then created a digital version in Illustrator on Sun 28th July 2019. Tim's wife (who is a professional graphic designer) then fixed up the artwork to make it print ready and made some minor improvements.

When was Jambo released?

Jambo was first introduced to the community at JoomlaDay Australia Brisbane 2019 on 3rd August 2019.

I like Jambo, can I use him?

Sure, go for it. Jambo is a free gift to the Joomla community, and can be used in whatever way you like.
The idea of the white stomach is to allow you to put your JoomlaDay or JUG logo on it, or even your company logo. Feel free to dress up Jambo to suit your local audience. Have some fun! Looking forward to seeing your creativity.

Can I alter Jambo?

Yes. Feel free to alter Jambo in any way you like, whether it's to make him better, or to localise him to suit your needs.

Can I print some Jambo stickers?


Can I use Jambo on my website?

Yes, in the open source spirit you can use Jambo is whatever way you like.

Can I make Jambo t-shirts?


How much does Jambo cost?

Nothing. Jambo is a free gift to all the Joomla community.

Can I make money from Jambo, such as selling merchandise?

If you really want to, sure. While not mandatory, I do encourage you to donate any profits toward something related to Joomla, such as sponsoring a JoomlaDay or a pizza bugs and fun event, or become a Joomla community sponsor

What colours does Jambo use?

Same colours as Joomla logo. Please refer to https://docs.joomla.org/JDOC:Colors

Where can I get Jambo?

You can download vector files below.



You haven't answered my question, where can I find out more?

You can email Tim via the contact form on https://timplummer.com.au/
or stalk Tim on twitter @bfsurvey

Example of how logo can be placed on Jambo's belly.

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